Wright's Auctions


105 head of tie-stall cattle consisting of 93 Holsteins, 6 Dutch Belted and 6 Line Backs. 
Herd was raised in loose housing.

This herd’s present SCC is 150,000, butterfat test is 3.8 and protein is 3.1.  This herd is averaging
65 pounds of milk per cow and has over 25 years of AI breeding.

The herd consists of 20 fresh, 12 dry, 5 springing, 6 due in March, 1 due in April, 9 due in May
and the balance in all stages of lactation.  65 1st and 2nd calf heifers.

Cattle will be preg checked and inoculated prior to the day of sale.



Wednesday, February 13, 2019

11:00 A.M.


Cattle Dispersal Auction