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Gun owners should all stand with hunters.  The greatest strength comes from all standing together.

ALL Sportsmen and Sportswomen are invited:
When- Jan. 26, 2019  from 2-4
Where- Barre Fish & Game Club
Why- To get a group of people on a phone tree and or email list to keep everyone abreast of what is going on in the legislative sessions and law making and also what the Anti's are up to.
Please invite anyone - Hunters-Trappers-Fishermen-Boaters - Hound Hunters-Bird Dog Men- Deer Hunters- Fox Hunters- Coon Hunters-Beaglers, Coyote Hounds Men - Shooting Clubs- as long as you are a sportsmen and a conservationist, you are invited.
Please attend-
Vermont Bearhound Association- Butch Spear-President

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